Saturday, September 20, 2014


I don’t know whose here tonight. Ah, we put on the poster, ‘Drug Free Concert’ not thinking that you all take drugs and not even worrying about it if you did. Some people have a problem with drugs in their life. Some people have a problem with alcohol. Some people have a problem with T.V. Some people have a problem with food. We each have some problem that we have been unable to, to solve. Maybe it’s fear, maybe its anger, insecurity, jealously. God knows what we’re like and He loves us just the same. But the way the church has established its message. Many of us think to be a Christian we must be good. We must always be very good. So many people say, “I cannot be a Christian because I cannot be this good. I cannot be as good as the church wants me to be, so I must give up trying because I will never be the right kind of person. I will never become the perfect Christian. And yet they believe in God. They believe in Jesus, that He is God’s Son. They believe that He died on the cross for our sins and that He rose from the dead so that we can also rise from the dead. They believe everything. They are a Christian but they are afraid to try. We must not be afraid of God. Maybe we must consider the communication problems with one another, between us and perhaps the church. And they will say, Larry’s hair is long or he’s drinking water out a bottle like it was some alcohol. Maybe the church, and I, I shouldn't say church because we are the church. It’s not the buildings. It’s not the Priests; it’s us and the Priest, if he’s a Christian. It’s every, it’s everyone that believes in God that’s the church. We are the Saints. We don’t need to pray to any Saint Peter. We are the Saints. And Saint Peter, he’s asleep waiting for the resurrection. When I die I shall sleep and wait for Christ to come back and resurrect me. I know He can resurrect me because he resurrected Himself. This is our hope in God. That God loves us. That Jesus is coming again and that God will look at us with love and mercy and not with a list of all of our failures. So please don’t be afraid of God. Open up your heart to God. You’ll never be a perfect Christian. Even the Priests can never be perfect.
I’d like to pray right now in case there’s someone here that, that wants to be a Christian and doesn't know how.
Dear God, dear Father. Thank you for your love. Thank you for keeping us safe. Please, right know, listen to the prayers of anyone that’s calling out to You and come into their life as they pray like this. God forgive me for my sins, forgive me for my habits, forgive me for my problems that, that I hold onto. Take them away from me. Let me be free. Help me to escape this prison of my habits, of my sins. Come into my life, come into my head so that I can understand You. Come into my heart so that I can feel You. And let me be a true Christian. Let me begin my walk toward Heaven. Take my sins out of my life so that I’m empty inside and fill me up with You and with, with love and peace and happiness and patients. Just help me God, save me, save me from myself. Save me from my sins and cover me not only in water but also baptize me in Jesus’ blood. And baptize me in Your Holy Spirit and let me have a new chance at life. Let me have a second life. Help me to start over. In Jesus name, I’m asking this miracle to happen. That You should help me to walk toward You.